duke nukem stadium

================================================================ Title: Duke Nukem Stadium BSP name: arena_bs_dn39.bsp Author: BloodShed (Mick Paulsen) Release date: August 5, 2006 Email address: bloodshed@blooddawn.dk Home page: http://blooddawn.dk Game: Sin episodes: Emergence Arena mode

Description: The Stadium from Duke Nukem 3D converted to Arena mode.

Thanks to: Duke Nukem HRP team (http://hrp.planetduke.gamespy.com/)

    For making Duke look good. ^_^
    Ritualistic community for their help and support.
    And finaly thanks to Parkar & Swiss Cheeseman from
    3D Realms forums for helping me with the GNU license.
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    7 years ago:

    Pros: Its a fun map and its built almost exactly like the duke nukem stadium.Exce[t its the source engine :D. Cons: Theres no HDR lighting withc makes this map look bland. Witch it really doesnt need it, im just saying it would be nice. Improvements: HDR lighting

    Notes: It's sad nobody really plays this game anymore, i just bought it 2 months ago and i cant stop playing it :).

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    I am Teh Gamer!!!
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    7 years ago:

    Nice one, i remember this map on the n64 but does it go inside? no matter still looks great


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  • BloodShed avatar
    BloodShed Offline
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    8 years ago:

    Hi Im the am the author of arena_bsdn39. See if you can find my easter egg ^^

    Beware the alien, the mutant,
  • Pyrrhic avatar
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    9 years ago:

    This looks really fun!

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    Digital Artist


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bloodshed (mick paulsen)


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